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. Grades Served: 9-12.

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Aspire. Kiley moved to Monticello and became principal of the Monticello High School, serving from 1969 until his retirement in June 1980. Enrollment.

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Welcome to the Monticello High School Counseling Department Our goal is to help students on their journey through high school in regards to academics, career. .

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School Directory; School Name: School Type: Email: clay. Big Lake High School: Big Lake, MN: 1917 2004 877 Hornets Cambridge-Isanti High School: Cambridge, MN: 1869 2004 1,433 Blue Jackets Chisago Lakes High School: Lindstrom, MN: 1943 2013 1,033 Wildcats Monticello High School: Monticello, MN: 2004 1,189 Magic North Branch High School: North Branch, MN: 1932 2013 633 Vikings. The official website of Monticello High School Athletics.

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A positive school climate promotes school safety, student self-esteem, emotional well-being, mental health, and lower incidences of substance abuse, student absenteeism, and suspensions.

This school is about the same as the state average in key measures of college and career readiness, but depending on the state, average can mean only a minority of students are ready for college and career.

885 Total ELL Students.